About Us

Connect Community Trust operates 3 community facilities within Greater Easterhouse:



The Connie
The Connie
The Connie


The Trust was formed in September 2003, in response to the need for a focus on regeneration within an area that at the time was designated No1 in the Scottish Index for Multiple Deprivation. We set out to meet the need and demand of the community which included the easily accessible services and activities that address education, employment, personal finances, childcare, health and tackle anti-social behaviour.

There is a strong Board in place with wide ranging experience in local voluntary work. All committee members are tenants living in the local community with skills in management, youth work, other voluntary and housing committees, business development and community councils. BUT, most of all they have a passion to make a ‘real’ difference to the area they live in and the people that live there.

In January 2013, the Trust changed its name to 'Connect Community Trust'. Over the years the services of the Trust had naturally impacted on other geographical areas and therefore the name from Wellhouse and Provanhall Community Trust was appropriate.

The new name of the Trust reflects the operations that......Connect people........Connect communities.........Connect services......


Our Board of Directors

The Trust Board took a strategic decision many years ago to welcome all to the facilities that were operated and into the services - if people were looking for help and support then the Trust would be happy to help. Supporting the vision for a welcoming, friendly and supportive community and changing the often negative perceptions and portrayal of the area and Greater Easterhouse as a whole.

Our board are:

William Logan, Chairperson

Harry Blackwood, Director

Linda Granger, Secretary

Maureen McCormick, Treasurer

Babs McCluskey, Director

Cathy Reid, Director

Lesley Copeland, Director

William Mulligan, Vice Chair