Community Support Services

Community Support Services

The extra bits.....

The Trust has always recognised that to truly create and maintain a community that is supportive, welcoming and a nice place to live it's often the extra bits that matter which don't necessarily fit under a specific heading.  

Our community support services run throughout the organisation, linking to all the facilities and groups that we work with.  Examples include:

-  Environmental Improvements;  community clean-ups with the schools and our youth clubs 

-  Gala Days 

-  Xmas fetes

-  Community Transport


It's the small things that make the difference...

Within all the community facilities that we run, the staff and volunteers throughout will spend the time to help make life that little bit easier and that means that we provide help with:

-  Photocopying and scanning documents

-  Booking a holiday online for the first time 

-  Registering and helping with online banking name just a few. 

Just pop in and speak to a staff member at any of the facilities!!