Music Workshops

For over 6 years Connect has delivered music throughout our youth clubs, provided tuition to adults and also delivered sessions for people with disabilities.  

The music sessions provide an opportunity for fun, for learning but also for progression if you want to take your musicianship or singing to the next level and make it a career!

Guitar Lessons

Get Set Gig

The following gives you information on what's on, where and who for: 

For young people in the youth clubs 

Innerzone...every Friday night and during the weekday club times you can take part in some fun karoake or music lessons 

Connie...every fortnight on a Wednesday night music sessions taking place 

Contact LeeAnne Douglas on 0141 781 2132 or for more information 

For adults 

Guitar & Keyboard lessons - call Ross for availability and costs on 0141 771 3134 or e-mail  

For people with disabilities 

Just for fun but also helping people with a disabilities express themselves through music.  Sessions take place every Thursday and Friday within our Innerzone premises.  

Call 0141 781 2132 or e-mail  

For a career - Get Set Gig

Already a singer, musician or in a band and want to take it to the next steps?  Get Set Gig is a custom made training programme that can help you gain the skills necessary to start gigging and making money within something that you love to do.  

Get Set Gig delivers a wide range of vocal tuition, performance, health improvement and financial skills training.  

Call Ross on 0141 773 3134 or e-mail for more information.

Alternatively, if you are already an established performer,  Connect Entertainment Agency could be your next step.  Connect Ent Logo

A professional agency that can help and support you to get paid work.  To find out more go to or contact Marcus on 0141 771 3134 or