People with additional needs

Activities for People with Additional Needs (Disabilities)

Monday nights - at the hub (49 Wellhouse Crescent, Glasgow, G33 4LA) 

Real Good Times Club - 6pm to 8pm

Description:  run by and for people with disabilities.  A monthly programme of activities is produced and includes things like Play Your Cards Right, Film Nights, Cookery Nights, Party Nights, Karoake, 

Call Grace on 0141 781 2132 for more information.

 Every week in Wellhouse 

The Campus.....a mixture of fun, social and interactive services suitable for people with disabilities. every Thursday and Friday.  Spend a day taking part in activities and have lunch in 1 of the 3 facilities in Wellhouse all within a short minutes walk between each other.  

Choose to do some or all of the following:


10am to 2pm                Allotments & Gardening 

1130am to 1230        Music Workshops 

1130am to 1230         Boccia & Bowls or Sports 

1130am to 1230         Arts & Crafts 

1230 to 130pm            Lunch 

1pm to 2pm                    Music Workshops

1pm to 2pm                    Boccia & Bowls or Sports 

3.30pm to 4.30pm       Music Workshops


10am to 2pm                   Allotments & Gardening 

1pm to 2pm                    Boccia & Bowls or Sports 

1pm to 2pm                    Music Workshops 

Please note:  The Campus is constantly changing and adapting the services i.e. Computing, Dance Classes, Football Tournament.   If there is enough interest in an activity we'll do our best to make it happen!!

Call Tam on 0141 781 4944 or 0141 781 2132 for more information or come along on the day!!