A facility for young people and a place young people can call their own

Innerzone consists of:

  • Café/kitchen area
  • Pool room
  • Social Area
  • Cinema and Chill Out Room
  • Recording Studio/music room
  • Learning Centre           

A fun, supportive and friendly place to be!

Innerzone Gala

Innerzone provides a service and support mechanism for young people and parents through access to education & employment advice, training provision, health and confidence building and of course a fun drop-in youth club including:

  • Education & Training;  computer learning centre, homework club
  • Social well being; access to counselling; cookery classes; family support sessions
  • Young Alcohol Information Service 
  • Healthy eating and cookery classes
  • Parenting classes; support and advice on communication techniques, discipline, cookery, first aid etc..

What's on..

Innerzone Youth Programme

Provanhall Youth Programme


The timetable of what happens in the clubs is always changing to keep it interesting and FUN!!!  Call Innerzone on 0141 781 9918 or 781 2132 or for more information