A facility that offers support for all ages.   A base for Job Clubs, youth activities, training and education.   

Innerzone consists of:

  • Connect staff office
  • Job Clubs 
  • Café/kitchen area
  • Pool room
  • Music room
  • Learning Centre (part of the John Wheatley Learning Network supported by Glasgow Kelvin College)

A fun, supportive and friendly place to be!

Innerzone Gala

Innerzone provides a service and support mechanism for all ages through access to education & employment advice, training provision, health and confidence building...all whilst having fun!

What's on..

Job Clubs 

Support for CVs, job search and access to training courses.

Open 5 days per week with staff support available on Mon, Wed and Fri.  

Youth Clubs 

Clubs open Tues, Wed, Fri and Saturday. 

A range of activities including sports, arts and crafts, music and excursions.



The timetable of what happens in the clubs is always changing to keep it interesting and FUN!!!  Call Innerzone on 0141 781 9918 or 781 2132 or for more information